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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher CTHULHU
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Machine gun Mike
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Rail gun Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Shot gun eMg!kf
Best Overall Accuracy Miroslav
Best Killer with Gauntlet eMg!kf
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher CTHULHU
Best Killer with Lightning gun fau
Best Killer with Machine gun d4widoV
Best Killer with Plasma gun d4widoV
Best Killer with Rail gun Blaze
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher Miroslav
Best Killer with Shot gun Miroslav
Best Killer with Telefrag eMg!kf
Best Damage Accuracy Miroslav
Best Effectiveness Miroslav
Best Fighter Miroslav
Best Tank Miroslav
Cleanest Player Miroslav
Highest Damage Given Miroslav
Highest Damage Output CTHULHU
Lowest Damage Taken Semisek48
Hall of Fame
Most Number of Awards Miroslav
Deathliest Hitter Miroslav
Hardest Hitter MyWifeHatesQ3
Highest Hit Rate Miroslav
Armor Shard Man Blaze
Body Armor Man CTHULHU
Combat Armor Man d4widoV
Health Man Mike
Jacket Armor Man sn1
Large Health Man Blaze
Mega Health Man fau
Small Health Man MyWifeHatesQ3
Best Armor CTHULHU
Best Armor Efficiency Miroslav
Best Efficiency Miroslav
Best Health fau
Best Health Efficiency Miroslav
Best Killer Miroslav
Best Scorer Miroslav
Highest Kill Streak Miroslav
Lowest Death Streak CTHULHU
Toughest Victim Miroslav
Top Stats
Maximum Accuracy fau
Maximum Armor noobzordofzords
Maximum Damage Efficiency Miroslav
Maximum Health fau
Maximum Score Miroslav
Grenade Launcher Man aimer
Lightning gun Man CTHULHU
Plasma gun Man ORGI69
Rail gun Man Blaze
Rocket Launcher Man CTHULHU
Shot gun Man ORGI69
Award Listing for Best accuracy with plasma gun (top 50)
#Player Name Games   Hits   Shots   Accuracy 
1Miroslav39 240 1369 17.53
2d4widoV4 66 406 16.26
3Mike4 110 754 14.59
4fau32 243 1707 14.24
5matacristos8 44 344 12.79
6noobzordofzords7 86 767 11.21
7sn17 39 365 10.68
8ORGI6915 122 1182 10.32
9Magister9 82 866 9.47
10...jutuli...22 90 971 9.27
11CTHULHU4 24 265 9.06
12Semisek4819 22 249 8.84
13Blaze3 29 331 8.76
14eMg!kf4 12 139 8.63
15aimer15 19 229 8.30
16.WhoAmI?!5 37 450 8.22
17Kra7oS23 126 1585 7.95
18.PacMan?!5 43 550 7.82
19MyWifeHatesQ39 21 379 5.54
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